Waterproof Security Camera Cerifications

What Makes The Best Wireless Waterproof Security Camera - and what is IPX7 Certified Waterproof?

IPX0: This certification means it's not even water-resistant. Most wireless security cameras are not certified waterproof. So if it gets wet, you can say goodbye to your camera.
IPX1: This level of certification is basic. It means if your camera gets a couple of drops of water on it, it should be alright. But nothing more than a few drops. We wouldn't suggest you leave it outside.
IPX2: This certification will protect your security camera from a few more drops. Unlike our wireless cams, it's still not safe and water-resistant. It's better than nothing - but that's it.
IPX3: And IPX3 waterproof security camera will let you spray the camera for up to 60 degrees. But only from the top of the actual camera. So that's not too bad.
IPX4: With an IPX4 certification your surveillance system handles splashes from any direction. It's not the best and safest option, but it's better. And your camera will survive in mild weather conditions.
IPX5: If you had a water pistol and sprayed it at your wireless camera - it will survive. Most of the time. But it's not recommended.
IPX6: This certification gives you protection from high-pressure water. But not for long periods of time. It's pretty safe - but not the best for all outdoor weather conditions.
And then you have the ultimate waterproof protective wireless security weatherproof certification that ZUMIMALL has included in all their models.
IPX7 – Gives you the peace of mind with reliable security in extreme weather. This certification is waterproof enough to handle extreme downpours of rain. And you could even drop it in up to 1 meter of water (but why would you). But that's the standard of our waterproof wireless certification standards.