Home Safety Security

Have "true peace of mind" with reliable and premium security cameras doorbells and smart devices for your home or office

The ZUMIMALL range of smart and wireless security products were designed and produced according to the needs of our customers - with their safety in mind.

Every one of our products put your safety and security first - without compromising on the design and ease of use and installation.

Our products are packed with innovative user-friendly technology and hardware making - our entire range of cameras, doorbells and sensors are the smartest and safest security systems you and your family can rely on.

We differ from the majority of other security system suppliers with our 100% wireless requirements. From the start we ensured our point of difference would be to keep everything wire free with no cords required.

We saw the lack of wireless security cameras on the market, and read about the frustrations of security devices requiring power points and ethernet cables. So we decided to focus on removing the necessity of cables from every product.

By ensuring our products are entirely wire free and cordless, you can install any one of our security cameras or doorbells wherever and however you want. And you can use them in every nook and kranny. There's never a need for a powerpoint to be anywhere in site. All devices are powered through rechargeable batteries that last for months, and/or receive power through solar panels.

Our team of industrial design team have produced beautiful minimal designs suited for all locations. And they are extremely simple to install too.

There is no need to pay security companies, technicians or engineers for installation. Our cameras were created for people like you and me - allowing us to set them up, and start using them in minutes.  indoors or outdoors - anywhere.

Our cameras are finished with high end materials and sealed to withstand all weather conditions. So they can be used indoors and outdoors in extreme weather without compromising your safety and security.

So get your Home Alarm Security System setup with a smart surveillance brand you can trust.

Every product is designed for easy use and simple setups for instant secure solutions.