Wireless Security Camera

Smart WIFI WIRE-FEE HOME solutions


Realtime Alerts

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Wireless Waterproof Weatherproof

Full protection and security in all weather conditions.

Keep Watch from Anywhere

With the Zumimall APP you can keep watch over your home and family using your mobile or wireless devices.

Smarter home security

indoor and outdoor - day and night

Your Personal Beacon


Rechargeable Reliable Battery Powered Security

We are focussed on producing smart security that is so easy to set-up, it takes a couple minutes. So there's no excuse to no protect your home  inside or out.

Anywhere in the world

Security and communicate

Answer the door when you're not home and keep watch

We include the top security tech features in all our products

Two-Way Talk

Communicate and talk via your smartphone via wifi connection

Full 1080P HD

Stream, save and watch high definition from anywhere in the world

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Night Vision

Day and night vision using infrared sensors so you can watch over your home anytime.

IPX Weatherproof

IPX Waterproof and weatherproof to withstand the toughest weather conditions

PIR Motion Sensor

Know what's happening at home with PIR motion activation technology

Alert Notifications

Get notification alerts when there's movement and can record action.

Best Selling Affordable Wire-Free Reliable Home Security System with Power That Lasts Ages.

Amazon Choice Global #1 Seller 


Never Let Your Guard Down

"Have peace of mind, and let our smart technology cameras keep an eye over the things you love - indoors and out, day and night."


If you're smart about your security. Protect your family with their products. 

There's no doubt. Zumimall has taken on the big smart security brands. 

We have finally found the smartest and most reliable 100% wireless camera. 

With over 50,000 sold. ZUMIMALL is now the #1 Smart Security Cam Supplier

Specificaitions that kickass

Battery Powered

Two Way Talk

Motion Sensors

Built in Storage

IP68 Weatherproof

Night Vision

Leading smart security

Zumimall is an exploding global brand focussed safety, and security, that's affordable but of the highest quality. Our highly experienced security experts are here to help you design the solution you need. So If you're looking to secure your home or business.

Contact us today for a comprehensive solution.

Sydney - Shenzhen - New York - South Africa - New Zealand - Japan

Crystal clear

Night and Day

See what's happening in full HD in all lighthing conditions

Easy to Install Security

"Installing the camera literally took me less than 10 minutes to get the whole thing setup. It's easily the simplest setup for a serious security camera" 

- John Sams/Pennsylvania